1. I’m tired.
2. The moisture in the air fucked up my twist out
3. I didn’t wipe off my eyebrows today. (YAY ME!)
4. Left my glasses home today & hat to squint to see everything.
5. I need sex.

Tired, high, & annoyed. Day two of afropunk was everything though

You wanted oh so bad to prove points.

My nails are blue, and my lips are huge

Laying in bed, with just your blanket on

The rarest thing I do: smile in pictures.

I have a gap, some of my teeth are crooked, my teeth aren’t pearly white either. I have acne, and all types of marks, My lips are big, so is my nose,
I have small cat eyes and high cheekbones, plus when I smile my face becomes two times bigger.
Nothing attractive in that,
But I smile anyways.

Sometimes it’s nice to smile, instead of pointing out all the flaws

My aunt says the more I wear that “blasted ass cat” the more I look like “de damn cat”. (:

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